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Sublimated Sportswear


A method that uses heat and gas to infuse the colour into the actual material providing many benefits..

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Official Supplier


Access Clothing is one of the few Official Licensed Suppliers to SANFL Community Football.


Welcome to Access Clothing.
Experts in the design and manufacture of full colour sublimated sportswear.

Our customer service and design team aim to work with your club to create the perfect professional football uniform. The full colour dye sublimation process allows design with no limitations. To make sure your uniform looks great, we offer design approval pages and sample sizings. All our dye sublimated sportswear is manufactured on-site using quality materials and professional textile machinists.

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What is Sublimation
What you get when you combine physics and textiles..

Sublimation is a physics term that refers to the changing of a solid substance directly to a vapor (gas) without first passing through the liquid state. An example of this is the smoke produced by dry ice. How does this relate to sportswear you may ask?

In sublimation printing, the inks are formulated to vaporize when certain temperatures are applied. This quick release of the inks is what allows you to transfer such fine detail and brilliant colour. The heat expands the fabric allowing the vapour to get right into the material.

Sublimation offers a number of benefits over other printing technologies, such as screen printing. In screen printing the ink sits on top of the fabric covering the entire surface, whereas the sublimation process colours the fabric itself, leaving the fabric pores intact and the garment breathable. This makes the sublimation process perfect for sportwear where breathable material is essential.

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Please visit our clothing apparel brands, we can screenprint or embroider to suit your business, club or school needs. Please call or email for any further pricings or details (08) 8725 2610 or email

"The players and supporters of our club are very happy with the design and quality of our new uniforms. Access Clothing have really looked after us with their professional and personalised service"

- Craig Neumann, President Millel Cricket Club